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Say YES to organ donation

Over 500 people in Finland are waiting for a new organ. Every year people who are waiting for an organ transplant die because a suitable organ is not found in time. The organ donation card I s available in Finland from now on also in English.

The so-called presumed consent is in force in Finland. According to the law, the organs and tissues of a person who is brain dead may be used for the benefit of another person if the patient has not objected to organ donation during his/her lifetime. The deceased's opinion must be ascertained. If the potential organ donor does not have an organ donor card, relatives must be asked for information about the potential donor's view concerning the matter. A relative may not prohibit organ donation on his or her own grounds.

The organ donation card can be ordered free from www.elinluovutuskortti.fi/organdonation. You can also download the organ donation app in Finnish and Swedish to your phone. It is important to share your decision with your loved ones as well.

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